Sunday, March 25, 2012


A few years ago while attending an Institute class the teacher made a comment on how the Lord will make ripples in a pond.
The ripple at the beginning is quite small but as it spreads out it becomes larger and larger.

This past Friday as I was finishing up a session in the temple,
 I found myself gazing into the temple mirrors.

 I found my mind being flooded with images of loved ones, memories, and this overwhelming sense
of gratitude and love.

 I truly had a wonderful "a ha" moment" where a kind and gracious Father allowed His child
a glimpse of the ripples He had started in her life and how they had grown and expanded.

In 1997 when I first entered the Salt Lake Temple, I felt loved ones who had passed on all around me.
I shall never forget their love and excitement along with mine on that wonderful day.
At the time I figured they were just excited for me; how naive I was.

1998 came quickly afterwards and I asked a trusted friend to give my poppers a priesthood blessing because he had been so sick.
The words he uttered forever changed my families and my life.
 Those inspired words  were, "Bill you have unfinished business here."
 I could not contain my excitement.
You see I had not been sealed to anyone and who I wanted to be sealed to was my beloved
mom and poppers.
Hence began our remarkable journey.

Shortly after that glorious day when we were sealed as a family, my poppers was called home.
 I remember the day he was called home thinking how grateful I was that I had made it to the temple and was a key in helping my poppers find his way back.
Once again, little did I know that my poppers only the beginning ripple.

As I sat there with tears rolling down my face, my Father showed me how many more ripples had been formed from small acts of Faith and Obedience.

I found myself amazed at how much He can accomplish through "small and simple acts".

That day shall be included in my prayers as a day that I shall never forget.

It is ranked right up there with my other cherished days that I pray to my Father that I shall never forget.
As the closing scenes started winding down, He gave me a glimpse of great ripples yet to come.

May I have the strength and courage to follow His inspired lead is my humble prayer.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Would I Have Done?

This past week I have been listening to one of my CD's entitled "Women at the Well."
 It is an inspiring CD about the women and their feelings about our Savior Jesus Christ.
As I listen to the lyrics of these inspired words I find myself wondering, "what would I do?"
One song in particular brings that point strait to the heart by asking:

  "If I had been there at His trial and watched as they mocked Israel's King;
 I wonder if I would have tried to turn their hearts to Him?"
If I had been there when they whipped Him
And watched as He fell to His knees
Would I have been willing to offer my own life for Him?"

Pretty powerful words which can really get one to thinking, Would I love Him enough and could I endure?
Another story that has made  me wonder is when Moses held up the brass serpent and all the Isralites had to do was to "look up;" some did but many did not because of the easiness of the way.  

Not to long ago I heard a talk in which a man was explaining that one day he found himself so overwhelmed and feeling like he was sinking that he found himself looking down at his shoes as he went through his day.  
When he got on the elevator at the end of the day, he sensed the doors opening and someone joining him but he did not look up.  He was just to discouraged.  
Then he heard a familiar voice, "what are you looking at down there?"  He immediately looked up into the warm eyes of a trusted friend and replied, "oh, nothing."  

His wise friend then replied, "you know when I get discouraged I always find myself looking up."
I find his friends wise words running through my mind when I find myself wanting to look down and not up.

 After all looking up would require me to tilt my head back.
 I wonder if that was the rationale the Isralites who chose not to look up used.

Ever since I can remember I was taught that all the scriptures were written for us and no matter what trial we were facing we could find a scripture story which would help us pull through.
 After all the writers have been there and done that.

The last verse of the song that I started with ends with these words:

"And all that I want is to be like Him
He was all I hope to be
I would give my life to be
the kind of friend
Jesus was to me."

I love those words. I'm in hopes that when the day comes when I stand before my Savior 
He will wrap me in His loving embrace and say,

"well done thou good and faithful friend."  

Because I was the kind of friend that He has been to me.    

Sunday, March 18, 2012

"I Love to See The Temple"

Teach a child while in his youth. 
Teach a child how to love the truth, 
and the covenants and promises he makes 
will be a shield and protection through all his days. 

I love to see the temple. 
I'm going there someday, 
to feel the Holy Spirit, 
to listen and to pray. 

For the temple is a house of God, 
a place of love and beauty. 
I'll prepare myself while I am young; 
this is my sacred duty. 

Men repeat their verse in counterpoint as the Children sing: 
I love to see the temple. 
I'll go inside someday. 
I'll covenant with my Father; 
I'll promise to obey. 

For the temple is a holy place 
where we are sealed together. 
As a child of God I've learned this truth: 
a family is forever.

As a young girl in Primary I remember singing,
"I love to see the temple, I'm going there someday, to covenant with my Father to listen and obey..."

I vividly remember as a young woman getting on a bus and being driven to Salt Lake where we the youth were taken to the Salt Lake Temple
 to do work for our kindred dead.
 It left such an impression on my young mind. 
The peace and beauty within those hallowed walls. 
I knew that one day I would return. 

It took me several long years but when
I decided to take out my own endowments
 I knew it would be the Salt Lake Temple.

My birthday 1997 was my chosen day and once again when I entered those hallowed doors I felt as if I had finally found my way back home.
 I could hear and feel my families excitement at me being there with them.
 It was a such a special day that I have prayed that I will never forget how I felt that wonderful day.
 It sealed my testimony that I had a Heavenly Father who knew my name, loved me
and had great things in store for me.

It has been 15 years since that remarkable experience but even now when I enter the hallowed doors of the Temple
 I am constantly assured that for a brief moment the winds and waves that have been battering me for a moment will be stilled and I am once again safe in my Father's home.

One of my greatest treasures which I always carry with me is my Temple Recommend. 
For many it may appear just as a simple piece of paper but to me that simple piece of paper speaks volumes on where I have been and where I am going.

President Howard W Hunter made this comment, "Let us be a temple-attending and temple loving people.  Let us hasten to the temple as frequently as time and means and personal circumstances allow....but let us also go for the personal blessings of temple worship."

My heart is filled with over abounding gradititude and humbliness that a wise and loving Heavenly Father graciously invites His children to "Come, come and learn at my feet in my house."

I love to see the temple,
a beacon of his light
to guide me on my journey,
while showing me the right
for my father sent me here to earth, 
I 'll strive to be found worthy
and return to him in heaven above,
to be with him forever.
(A couple of talented young ladies wrote this last verse to I love to see the temple.  Krisitn and Taula, thank you for sharing you talents with us.)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Extra Extra Read All About It

Once again Time Out for Women has invited us to share with all our one favorite thing love to share.
All who know me know that the one thing I love to share is the Good News of the Gospel. 
I was raised a Latter-Day Saint in a partial member home.
My mother loved her Heavenly Father and the gospel. 
My poppers, on the other hand, had been hurt by a comment a member had made about his mother at a young age and walked away. 
Me being my popper's little girl, I also walked away when a member made a remark that hurt my feelings.
I was inactive for 20 some years when battered and broken I found myself standing at the doors of our local Institute building.  There a teacher sensative to the promptings of the spirit took this calloused and indifferent child under his wing and thru love and inspired teachings reconnected me with a loving Heavenly Father that had anxiously been awaiting my return.
In 1997 I went through the Salt Lake temple taking out my own endowments.  In that hallowed place my battered and broken heart had been healed and I found myself eagerly wanting to share that good news with all who would hear.
My poppers was the first; what a remarkable journey that was for my family. 
On my parents 66th wedding anniversary, my mom and poppers took out their own endowment and then we were sealed for all time and eternity as a family.
Shortly after that remarkable day my popppers was called home.
I then found myself needing to share my family's journey with all who would listen and what a grand adventure it has been.
Because I have tasted off  "what joy shall fill your soul if you but bring one soul back to me."  I now show my great love and appreciation for all that my Heavenly Father has blessed me with thru word and deed and when the Spirit whispers I also share my testimony that:
"He lives and loves each
and every one of His children.
No matter how broken or battered they are
He is there waiting with outstretched arms to wipe away their tears and bind their broken hearts."
He never gives up on you or me!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dust of the Earth

In King Benjamin's discourse to the people he made two comments to his people that I have always wondered about; 
"We are all beggars" and
"Ye cannot say that ye are even as much
as the dust of the earth..."

During the period  I was taking care of my poppers, while in for a routine check up, our family md made the comment that I should go into nursing.
 I told him there was no way I was ever going into nursing.
 I was going to go into business.

As usual Heavenly Father had different plans for me
and I went into nursing.
 It has greatly stressed and blessed my life.
 I have established new friendships that are very special and it has taught me a greater capacity of love and compassion along with an greater abundance of worry. 

But each and everyday brings a subtle glimpse of eternity.
I have taken all the nursing class requirements and I have taken other classes to help me become an even better and more efficient nurse.
 But the Spirit has been my greatest teacher. 
He continues to forewarn me when something is amiss or there is going to be a dramatic change.
Today He sounded this little alarm in the back of my mind that something was going to happen and sure enough happen it did.

Two times I have heard my name called as it was called today and when ones name is called like that you know your not walking into anything good.
My first response was panic when I witnessed the scene in front of me but something inside kicked me into action but then I felt a sense of helplessness and as I was looking around for someone to help me this blanket of peace engulfed my being and I "hit it." 

It was like the moments when I would be playing the piano and out of the blue this immense peace would fill my soul and my fingers would start floating across the keys and upon looking at the tear filled eyes of those listening I would feel like I had "hit it."

I am always humbled after those moments because I know there was someone else guiding my fingers and I am filled with a sense of wonder and awe.

Today, that humble feeling left me feeling as the
 "dust of the earth."
I am truly nothing without the assistance of my creator, who created me from the dust of the earth which He also created.

I am forever grateful that He has given me such a great friend and teacher who continues to teach and warn.  May I always have my heart and ears open when his gentle whisper brushes my ear.