Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Aunt Bea

My adopted father wanted to call me Laura but my mother's name was Laura and she thought it would be to confusing so they named me Lorie.  Most the family called me Laura and to this day I am still called Laura by people I meet.  But it does not offend me because of my mothers love and example to me I feel it an honor to be called by her name. 
Kenneth Cope has a song where he talks about his Father and Grandpa and then poses this question, "What have you done with my name?"  What a wonderful question to ponder.  I have a very special friend who for awhile has been calling me "Aunt Bea."  When he first started calling me Aunt Bea I felt as if I was in the Andy Griffith show but there was a day when I was just not feeling well and as I was visiting with Heavenly Father about not feeling well and I must admit I was having a pity party, out of the blue I hear, "Aunt Bea! Aunt Bea!" It brings a smile to my face just hearing that name and knowing it is me.  I turned to face my friend who quickly grabbed my hands and stated, "I love you so much Aunt Bea, your the greatest!"  Tears sprung into my eyes because at that point and time I realized that Aunt Bea had done wonderful things for my friend and had loved him very much.  She had done great things with her name for my friend.
Tonight I was reflecting on my friend and I am in hopes that when we return home I can meet this wonderful Aunt Bea and I will continue to hear, "Aunt Bea! Aunt Bea!  I hope she won't mind that I share her name with her for all eternity.